Have We Become Ministry Snobs?

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got a post up at Ed Cyzewski’s fabulous “Women in Ministry” series today. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at my adventures in achievement-seeking, and the ways we tend to undervalue people who “help.” What do you think? As small churches wane and people consolidate into larger, staff-driven churches, are volunteers overlooked and underestimated? Have we become ministry snobs? How can we do better?

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  1. Patty November 2, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    Yes, yes, and yes. I am very defensive as well of women who have toiled in the Kingdom. For me, I treasure every moment of my childhood with those women. I usually sat on a stool, peeling potatos, putting cookies on a tray, learning how to make a 50 cup pot of coffee, hearing about children, babies, husbands. I learned more about true life, challenges, pain, heartache. I watched how those women supported each other through difficult marriages, struggling with money, and in the 60s/70s how some struck out to work outside the home for the first time and how they all blessed and support each other through all the seasons of life. They encouraged me, blessed me, and even when I had grown up and moved away, they were always so happy to see me. The goal and passion of my life is to bring that community of women’s fellowship where ever I am-at church, at work, and in my family. I am thrilled that my daugher has relationships with my friends and learns from them and reaches out to them. I too was a youth group leader for many years and I found this theme creeping into my ministry with the girls over and over again. Thank you for this post.

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