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Friday Favorites: Humility, Sex-Ed, and Women in Ministry

“What Will You Do After Seminary?” A Female Grad On Becoming a Pastor by Suzanne Burden I will graduate on May 11, mere days from now… Which is why so many are recently asking: “What will you do after seminary?” In return, I often respond with an ironic, sad little smile. But I am not the […]

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Friday Favorites: Women In Ministry Edition

Why I can no longer defend women in ministry by Steve Holmes I have defended the ministry of women in the church in public for a while now, including on this blog. I don’t think I can do it any longer. Not because of any lack of calling or gifting in their ministry, but because […]

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Friday Favorites: Slavery and Patriarchy, Sexualization and the Super Bowl

What’s slavery got to do with it? This long but fascinating article, written by a Christian lawyer who left Gothardism as a young adult, shows the connection between the Christian Patriarchy movement (led by people like Bill Gothard of Institute in Basic Life Principles, Jonathan Lindvall of Bold Christian Living, and Douglas Phillips of Vision […]

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Friday Favorites 2/8/2013

Rachel Held Evans wrote a fabulous follow-up to my post about John Piper and gender roles, in which she calls the whole mindset exactly what it is: legalism. Some of the comments are incredibly thought-provoking too (as per usual). “Legalism is destructive, certainly. And it is often absurd. Framing gender stereotypes as God’s will turns […]

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Friday Favorites: Mental Health Edition

The Scandal of the Evangelical Heart This is a gut-wrenchingly honest piece. It’s hard to read because it claws at the carefully-armored defenses we’ve erected around our human hearts of flesh. But this–THIS–is why so many people walk away from the church. How could God (fill in the blank)? And how could Christians, or any […]

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Friday Favorites: Marriage, Evangelicalism, Dreaming Big and Crashing Hard

Is Marriage Really an Illustration of Christ and the Church? This could TOTALLY be an Equally Yoked post, only Rachel got it first. It’s a great, in-depth post about Christian marriage. I once believed that God intended my marriage to be a picture or illustration of Christ’s relationship with the church—a shining beacon of godly […]

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Friday Favorites: 1/11/2013

This post blew me away, in the best possible way: “The Gay Community, and That One Time Jesus Called Me the N-Word.” “There is someone that I love even though I don’t approve of what he does. There is someone I accept though some of his thoughts and actions revolt me. There is someone I […]

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Gender Roles (Or Not): Where Do You Fall on the Complementarian-Egalitarian Spectrum?

Adrian Warnock has written an interesting blog post that lays out some of the common positions Christians hold regarding gender roles in the home and in the church. While it is a basic overview that just skims the surface level of each belief, and will doubtlessly leave people in each category wishing he had expained […]

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Friday Favorites: Chik-fil-A Edition

All week I’ve been thanking my lucky stars (and, erm, God) that I don’t live within 150 miles of the now-infamous poultry sandwich establishment, and that most of my far-North friends have no innate loyalty to the Southern chicken chain. For me, the ugly, aggravating, and to my mind incredibly stupid debate has played out […]

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Friday Favorites: Songwriter’s Secret

I haven’t had time to peruse a lot of blog posts this week. And most of the posts I did read were from bloggers I discovered through Rachel Held Evans’s #Mutuality 2012, which I featured in last week’s Friday Favorites. Part of the reason I’ve had so little time for blog-reading is that my husband […]

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Holy Harmony, Batgirl! #Mutuality 2012

I never did get around to posting my Friday Favorites for this week, but each and every one of them (and then some!) are on this list! Rachel Held Evans has been hosting the Mutuality 2012 synchroblog, and the articles have been AMAZING, to say the least. She’s included links to all 188 of them […]

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Friday Favorites, 5/11/2012

A collection of some of my favorite reads of the week: “In Which I’m No Angry Feminist” by Sarah Bessey. This post made me cry. When it comes to advocating for women, I’d say there are three primary motivators–intellectual integrity,  justice, and empathy. My swollen, weeping mommy-heart squeezes into the folding chair next to Sarah […]

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