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Winds of Change: Speaking Up for Women in Ministry

One of the things I love about my denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, is their strong support of women in ministry. Change can be slow, however, and women called to pastoral ministry often find themselves walking a long, difficult path, even in denominations that support them. That's why the ECC's Commission on Biblical Gender Equality […]

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The Best Way to Protect your Daughter is to Teach Her to Protect Herself

The best way to protect your daughter is to teach her to protect herself. I feel like most people know this; that the majority of parents work hard to raise strong, confident daughters who are ready to face whatever life throws at them. And girls, as a result, are thriving. I’ll be honest: there are […]

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Why We Need to #BanBossy. For Real.

Have you heard about the #BanBossy campaign? states that “When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a 'leader.' Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded 'bossy.' Words like bossy send a message: don't raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading […]

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Reclaiming Eve: How the gospel restores women

Suzanne Burden is a heart sister, a gentle woman who wants to see women thrive, set free to work in God’s kingdom alongside their brothers. I’m thrilled to be posting this short description and Q&A about her new book, Reclaiming Eve. About Reclaiming Eve What started as a ladies’ Bible study in their church led […]

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Mary Magdalene, the Apostle to the Apostles

What does the gospel make possible for women? Do we have to stay hidden away in the shadow of the curse, as if our silence and subservience could atone for the sin of the first woman’s fall, or are we called to live in the light of the resurrection? I am so excited about my […]

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Women, Girls, and the Words Used in Online Dating

So, I clicked on this really intriguing infographic on Facebook, about how the words people use in their online dating profiles impact how many people contact them. While the article attached to this infographic was slightly horrible, the difference between the use of the terms “woman” and “girl” intrigued me. Apparently, men who use the […]

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Ladies, You’re Not Called to be Timid! Nurturing a Spirit of Power, Love and Self-Discipline.

This is a repost from 2012. Enjoy! We were raised to be timid, most of us. In the tiny white churches speckling the countryside, we were taught to be cautious, to be courteous, to be kind and good and avoid even the appearance of evil. Being a good Christian looked like wearing clean, pressed clothes […]

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Why Men Need to Mentor Women. I’m Looking at You, Pastors!

I spent most of my twenties in a state of mind-numbing, hair-pulling, pacing-tiger frustration. I was a smart, God-obsessed young woman who was passionate about ministry and theology, but had no idea what to do with myself. If the Christian blogosphere had existed in its current state, I probably would have taken up permanent residence […]

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Married by 14, mother by 15, abandoned by 16, back in 7th grade at 19

After three days of teaching a group of thoughtful, well-spoken teachers and church leaders in Bondo, Kenya, I was impressed. Where was the oppression I thought was supposed to be so prevalent in rural Africa? The women who stood up to talk during the training would have made the average American woman look mousy and […]

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Slavery, Colonialism, and Using the Bible to Keep Women Down.

For me, one of the most disturbing parts of the EFOGE training on gender equality in Bondo, Kenya, was hearing the stereotypes commonly used about women (not that they were using them, but they were discussing them). Women are like animals. Women simply aren't as intelligent or capable as men. Because women are lesser beings, […]

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Opposition to Gender Equality, East and West.

It's interesting, the questions people ask when you start talking about gender equality in a Christian context. Of course, there are the theological questions, important conversations that need to be had about biblical interpretation, ancient cultures, translation and projection, and God's heart for humankind. But then, you crash headlong into people's native culture, where belief […]

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Video: Fuzzy Socks and Airplane Lit for my Flight to Kenya

Hey friends! I'm hoping to do some vlogging while I'm in Kenya to introduce you to some of the folks I meet while I'm there, and figured I'd better test out my technology. My discovery so far? My iPad doesn't like fluorescent lighting, so it's probably best NOT to record while it's pitch black outside. […]

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equally yoked.001

Suzanne and David Burden: “We have not less submission in our marriage, then, but more of it.”

Today’s Equally Yoked post is from my sweet friend Suzanne Burden. “So I told him I am in a mutually-submissive marriage,” I said, commenting on a response to a fellow-student in my seminary class. My husband pulled the car up to the yellow lines as he prepared to drop me off at the door of […]

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Want to help out a Kenyan Christian worker, and a couple thousand youths?

Here is a truism: the most necessary ministries, the most innovative, grassroots ones, are often the least funded. It is also an unfortunate truth that Western Christians, who hold the purse strings of much of the world’s wealth, are more likely to support Western missionaries than local Christian workers in places like Africa, Asia, and […]

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In Which a Woman Scandalizes Stingy Hearts, but Blesses Jesus Enormously.

In “She Did What She Could,” Elisa Morgan asked a question only a woman would think to ask. When Jesus was on the cross, could he still smell the costly perfume Mary of Bethany had anointed him with only days before? Did it comfort him, this reminder of his friend's love, as he was dying […]

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Protecting the Powerful at the Expense of the Weak

Most of us remember the story. David, serving his carnal desires, had Uriah’s wife Bathsheba brought into his bed. When David found out Bathsheba was pregnant and his sin was about to come to light, he launched a cover up, first telling Uriah to go home and sleep with his wife, and when that failed, […]

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New Wave Complementarianism and the Revenge of the Straw Men

A couple weeks ago, author and blogger Wendy Alsup wrote a breakout post titled “A New Wave of Complementarianism,” noting a stirring among complementarians who feel uneasy with some of the beliefs and practices traditionally aligned with that position. The topic generated a passel of exuberant “amens,” some doubtful side-eye glances, and a handful of […]

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Dripping Faucet Wives and Internet (Re)Activism: A Defense of Mark Driscoll (Sort Of)

Last week, in a sermon on marriage, Mark Driscoll made a comment that launched him to internet infamy (again). Buckle up, here we go: “And some women – you’re a nag. You’re disrespectful. You’re quarrelsome. Being married to you is like a life sentence, and the guy’s just scratching on his wall every day, ‘One […]

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More on Young Men and Violence, and Other Stuff Too

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m huddled up in my tiny home office, watching avalanches slide off my roof onto snowbanks that are already well above the windowsill, but my virtual self is considerably less snowbound. I expanded my recent blog post on young men and violence for Relevant magazine, including a few solutions various experts have […]

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Maybe we don’t need to “fight violence.” Maybe we need to help young men.

The Boston Marathon bombing. The Sandy Hook shooting. The “witch hunts” in Papua New Guinea. Gang rape in India, piracy in Somalia, rampant violence worldwide. These tragedies are not as disparate as they seem. The crimes are different, but the perpetrators are the same–angry young men making a desperate grab for power and identity. I […]

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Why Is There A Naked Woman On My Son’s Shampoo Bottle?

The other day, through circumstances out of my control, I was forced to shower in the “boys’ bathroom.” 0_0 While I was in there, I noticed that there was a picture of a naked woman on my teenage son’s body wash. See her? Right next to the 33%? I mean, she might not be naked. […]

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Should Christian Women Color Their Hair? On Dissatisfaction, Cultural Conformity, and Battling the Inner Barbie

A couple weeks ago, I had about a foot of hair cut off my head. When you’re the busy mother of four, and have the sort of Hermione-meets-Rapunzel hair that you can almost watch grow, it’s easier to just twist the whole mass up on your head, secure it with industrial-strength hair accessories, and forget […]

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How Do You Preach the Gospel and Breastfeed? Adventures of a Female Evangelist

I’m thrilled to be featuring a guest post from Jessica Fick, who I met last week on Twitter and promptly fell in love with. (The fact that she happened to be in Wisconsin right then for an evangelistic crusade at UW-River Falls didn’t hurt, either–the photos in this post are from that.) Enjoy!  I pulled […]

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What Happened in Steubenville? “A culture of arrogance created a group mindset of debauchery and disrespect.”

It’s not often that I brag up anything I read on Yahoo, but this article by Dan Wetzel about what happened in Steubenville was excellent. Here are a couple highlights. “Rape, experts say, is a crime of power and control more than sex. Underlying all of that is arrogance, and in Steubenville it was taken […]

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Why We Need More Women In Ministry: My Article for RELEVANT

The church has always relied heavily on the contributions of women, from the female disciples who traveled with Jesus and funded His ministry out of their own means to the nameless grandmother who showed up early to brew the coffee you swigged down before church last week. But women are growing increasingly disenchanted with the […]

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Mary Means “Rebellion”: Jesus and His Band of Rebellious Women

When I was little, my mom used to act out Bible stories with me. My favorite, always, was Mary Magdelene finding Jesus in the garden. I would be Mary, kneeling in front of the tomb (our wood stove) in the little flannel bathrobe my mom had sewn for me, pretending to cry. My mom would […]

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John Piper, Women in Combat, and How Gender Roles Fall Short of the Glory of Humankind

Co-Ed Combat and Cultural Cowardice, an article written by John Piper in 2007, has resurfaced in light of the U.S. military’s decision to let women serve in combat. I’m posting part of it here not because I want to pick a fight with Piper (please see my comments policy), or discuss women in combat (I […]

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50 Shades of Complementarian? Why We Should Lay Down the Labels, and Look at Our Common Purpose

Last week, a Twitter friend told me how shamed and berated many blogs made her feel for her complementarian theology. That made me so sad. I mean, I get it. Egalitarians are a minority in the evangelical world, and are often treated like theological scapegoats by their more traditional brothers and sisters. Women still lack […]

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When Love Hurts: Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes

I was first introduced to Day of Discovery’s “When Love Hurts” series at an AVA (Advocates for Victims of Abuse) training last year. I was thrilled with the way they handled the subject, a conservative, biblically-grounded series that landed hard on the side of the oppressed. It’s the sort of video you could show at […]

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Faking It: Why You Should Stop Treating Your Husband Like a Toddler, and ACTUALLY Respect Him.

There’s something I’ve noticed about many popular Christian marriage books and speakers. They don’t seem to have a very high opinion of men. Oh, they think that men should be “in charge.” But often, it is implied that women should just wink and nod knowingly at one another, that although everyone knows women are the […]

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