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Loneliness, Community, and Loving the Common Enemy

I've been reading The Connecting Church by Randy Frazee for one of my classes. It talks about the epidemic of loneliness in the United States, the impact individualism has had on the American psyche, and how strong, cohesive groups, from the Crips to the Amish, the military to the Benedictines, create a sense of true […]

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Love Should Never Include Disclaimers: Why Christians Need to Stop Trying to “Fix” People

There was a time when I thought it was my Christian duty to point out anything I thought someone was doing wrong. I called out teachers for being too hard on other kids. If the pastor said something I disagreed with in a sermon, I informed him of it afterward. I made sure people on […]

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Where is the Hope? In Which I am “Peddling Pop Pollyanna Ecclesiology,” and Refuse to Back Down

So, my last post about Christian unity. Most people seemed to like it, but a few took issue with it. This is nothing new. I try to be diplomatic in my writing, and people typically respond with grace. Still, there are always a few detractors, and oftentimes they have good reasons for saying the things […]

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The Gospel is Never at Stake. A Few Words on Orthodoxy, Christian Unity, and Not Being a Big Jerk

I saw a quote from a Christian leader yesterday, one who I respect despite disagreeing with some of his doctrine. It contained the words “At stake is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Whoa, hold up. I’m not a scholar or a theologian, but I can tell you one thing: The gospel of Jesus Christ is […]

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I am Unikitty, hear me roar! Insights from the Lego Movie

So, Aaron and I took the kids to see the Lego Movie the other day. It was a cute film, full of giggles, snickers, and inside jokes for anyone who has ever played with Legos. But my favorite moment had to be when Princess Unikitty, the precious pink regent of Cloud Cuckoo Land, snapped during […]

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Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage: Excerpt from a New Book

One of the things I love about Elisabeth Klein Corcoran is her willingness to write honestly about a taboo topic: brokenness in Christian marriages. Like, the kind no amount of praying or pleading or marriage seminars or counseling has seemed to make a dent in. Her new book, Survivingin a Difficult Christian Marriage, released on […]

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Internet Outrage; Or, why we need to refuse to sit in the seat of the scornful.

I haven't been blogging much for the last several months, and there are a few reasons for that. Sure, I've been busy. Between school stuff, interning at my church, and being part of a family whose M.O. resembles pedaling a bicycle downhill fast (we take our share of tumbles, but we get places!), there's always […]

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Dripping Faucet Wives and Internet (Re)Activism: A Defense of Mark Driscoll (Sort Of)

Last week, in a sermon on marriage, Mark Driscoll made a comment that launched him to internet infamy (again). Buckle up, here we go: “And some women – you’re a nag. You’re disrespectful. You’re quarrelsome. Being married to you is like a life sentence, and the guy’s just scratching on his wall every day, ‘One […]

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The Importance of Careful Communication: A Confession and a Commitment

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been communicating very carefully for the last couple weeks. And whether or not anyone but me has noticed that (I think some people have), I feel like I need to come clean, apologize, and change. Here’s the thing. Careful communication is very, very important to me. Avoid […]

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Watch Your Mouth! My Commitment to Mercy, and New Comments Policy.

The internet can be a brutal place. Some days, the Christian blogosphere feels more like the Roman Colosseum than Athen’s Mars Hill, a gladiatorial circus where Christian Soldiers wield sharp words against their brothers and sisters in Christ, pitting the strength of their platforms to character assassination. I’m quite certain Satan (whose very name means […]

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Stop Saying Stupid Things: An Open Letter To Incorrigible Loudmouths, Myself Included.

Is it just me, or have instances of men running for public office saying outrageous things about women’s reproductive systems hit an all-time high? It’s possible I just never noticed it before. In my mid-thirties, I’ve lived through a blessedly limited number of election cycles. My aversion to television and talk radio has kept my […]

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A Self-Indulgent Post About Blogging and Being Misunderstood

The blogosphere can be a bizarre place, a bubbling cauldron of controversy, rhetoric, and vitriol. Sometimes, I’m not too fond of it. I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Yes, I’m still tired from a whirlwind summer. Yes, I needed to get the kids into their school routines. But mostly, I’ve needed to think. I’ve […]

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Acid Attacks on a Woman’s Soul

Yesterday, a friend forwarded me a link about the rise of acid attacks in Colombia. I was appalled. I had heard of acid attacks in places like India and Afghanistan, but South America? It got me thinking once again about the horror of these sorts of attacks, the hatefulness. While acid is sometimes used against […]

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Friday Favorites: Chik-fil-A Edition

All week I’ve been thanking my lucky stars (and, erm, God) that I don’t live within 150 miles of the now-infamous poultry sandwich establishment, and that most of my far-North friends have no innate loyalty to the Southern chicken chain. For me, the ugly, aggravating, and to my mind incredibly stupid debate has played out […]

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“She Opens Her Mouth With Wisdom”–Or Not. Lessons for the Church From the Proverbs 31 Woman

When I was a baby, my Auntie Lynn gave me a beautiful plaque inscribed with my name, its meaning, and a Bible verse, plucked from Proverbs 31: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.” It was the first Bible verse I memorized, the words sinking deep into […]

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Chicken Sandwiches, Christian Conquistadors, and Other Internet E.coli

After the flooding that hit my hometown, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency issued warnings to avoid several beaches. The sewer systems had been compromised, and high levels of E.coli bacteria were found in the water. In other words: Stay out of the water, or you’ll find yourself swimming in–well–you get the idea. That’s kind of […]

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Heresy, Hermeneutics, and Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing: Part 1

I’ve been thinking about controversy among Christians a lot lately. A writer I follow on Facebook is accused of promoting a “dangerous” liberal theology. Ironically, his theology isn’t liberal at all, just rooted in a historical Christian tradition the accuser wasn’t familiar with. Which must make it “liberal,” right?   A Reformed book reviewer labels […]

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Controversy, Bible Bullets, and Godly Conversation (repost)

Quick: what’s your opinion on gender roles? The debt ceiling? Gay marriage? Politics? War? Predestination? Before you blurt it out–stop. Just stop. Think for a moment about the words that are about to leave your mouth. Are they kind? Thoughtful? Honoring to God? Think about the person who is asking you the question; their background, […]

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Toxic Christianity: When Our Public Face Poisons Faith

If there’s one thing that leaves me completely aghast, it’s Christians hurting one another and using religion to justify their behavior, or citing it as the reason that they didn’t step in to defend the hurting, vulnerable party. It’s the child who is abused on the mission field or in the church, but no one […]

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Shove a Candy Cane in Your Mouth, and Shut It! Taming the Tongue, XMas Style

‘Tis the season for contentious status updates. Every year around this time, faithful followers of the Prince of Peace start picking fights with people who celebrate the “holidays,” and double-dog-daring the 3% of their Facebook followers who aren’t too chicken to do the same. I confess–the picture in this post was my temptation, a snarky […]

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Why You Should Quit Talking About Your “Beautiful Wife”

Eugene Cho, pastor, social entrepreneur, blogger, and fellow Covenanter (just had to get that in there!), posted this video on his blog yesterday. It’s over eight minutes long, but seriously? Watch the whole thing. Even if it turns your stomach a bit. Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo. What does it […]

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Why Christians Lie

This morning, as I was continuing my purge of my tiny office, I came across a dusty magazine that someone had passed on to me a couple years back. I was about to toss it in the trash can, when I noticed a prominent Christian leader’s name on the cover, beneath a headline that peaked […]

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Controversy, Bible Bullets, and Godly Conversations

Quick: what’s your opinion on gender roles? The debt ceiling? Gay marriage? Michelle Bachmann? War? Predestination? Before you blurt it out–stop. Just stop. Think for a moment about the words that are about to leave your mouth. Are they kind? Thoughtful? Honoring to God? Think about the person who is asking you the question; their […]

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Watch Your Mouth!

I’m angry. And I’m going to spout off. But I’m going to do it gently, with humility, I hope.  The day began normally. I Googled a well-respected Christian author and scholar I was recently introduced to, only to find a blog by two puffed-up pastors denouncing her “sotto voice feminism” (puh-leese) and moaning about the fact […]

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A Broken Trust, and the reason I write.

“A Broken Trust,” an article I wrote about domestic violence in the church, is being featured in the April 2011 issue of The Covenant Companion. You can read it online here: Writing this article was a little bit like giving birth–long, hard, and emotionally (and even physically!) draining. But the end result was so, so […]

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It’s a scandal, it’s an outrage…

Wow, it’s been a LOOOONG time since I blogged! But today I felt compelled to blog about a common, debilitating condition among Christians (and non-Christians, too): outrage. Now, outrage is not always a bad thing. There are plenty of things in this world to be outraged about, and a healthy dose of righteous indignation is […]

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