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Fight Back Against a Culture of Violence: Crank Up the Light!

Like most Americans, I spent Friday alternately weeping, hugging my children, and wanting to kick someone in the ribs. I have nothing to say about this tragedy right now. So I won’t. I do, however, want to say something about the “kick someone in the ribs” reflex. When tragedy strikes, we naturally want to find […]

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Stopping Traffick in Buenos Aires: The Tireless Seeker of Our Souls

Today’s guest post is from Tim Fall. ​Maria de los Angeles “Marita” Veron disappeared ten years ago. Her mother hasn’t stopped looking for her since. Marita was 23 at the time, the mother of a 3 year old daughter. At first her disappearance was unexplained. Then a tip came in: she had been kidnapped and […]

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Limping Along: Why We Can’t Let Half of Christ’s Body Atrophy

Today’s guest post is from the wonderful Judy Douglass. Kamari limped along, putting all his weight on the good leg, dragging the atrophied right leg painfully up the rocky hill. Most often he hardly noticed the weak leg—he had learned to do most of his activities without it. But on days when he needed to […]

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Good Christian Fears: Is Fear Crippling Your Walk With Christ?

I’ve never considered myself a fearful person. But recently, I’ve been discovering just how much my deeply-buried fears and anxieties have influenced and continued to influence my life. These aren’t conscious thoughts, or even things that I initially recognized as fear. But as I reflected on the decisions I’ve made and the things I’ve written […]

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