I LOVE starting things. I love the creativity of brainstorming and fleshing out ideas, the excitement of seeing those ideas become reality and take on a life of their own, the thrill of riding the momentum created by a really good idea picking up speed and becoming more than you could ever make it on your own. I think I have a little bit of mad scientist in me, a driving need to create that manifests in some really incredible ideas, some really ridiculous ideas, and the occasional ravenous monster that threaten to eat more time than I have to give, then start in on the village of people around me.

For the most part, this is great, especially for a writer. Throw yourself into a project, send it out into the world, wash your hands of it and move on to the next thing. The problem begins when certain projects (school, say, or my written but unedited novels) take long periods of time to grow into “adulthood,” and the itch to create something new becomes almost unbearable.

So, I have been cooking up a new scheme that I am really, really excited about. But I have also been working a lot (which is good, because making money is good, and making money writing is even better), and have consequently gotten behind in my schoolwork. On Thursday, I was going to spend the day catching up (or at least starting to catch up), but I was so enamored with my new idea that I could barely concentrate.

What can I say? It’s a really, really exciting idea.

Luckily, I have come up with a plan to entice myself to finish my schoolwork (which I really do adore) AND launch my new idea. I can brainstorm and plan all I want, but I can’t build the website (this is a web-based idea) until I am caught up on my schoolwork. Dangling that carrot in front of myself should motivate me to work smarter and harder, so I can accomplish everything I need to accomplish. I need to get focused, get organized, and get to work, so I can manifest everything I believe God created me to manifest in this world.

Because I don’t want to be a lackadaisical, half-hearted creation content to loll around in a crumbling castle, moaning and perhaps startling the villagers with the occasional howl. I want to be DANGEROUS–in a good way! :-)

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